Russian Tax Week
April 2021, Moscow – Saint Petersburg

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Saint Petersburg State University of Economics

About Moscow

Moscow (/ˈmɒskaʊ/ or /ˈmɒskoʊ/; Russian: Москва, tr. Moskva, IPA: [mɐˈskva] is the capital city and the most populous federal subject of Russia. The city is a major political, economic, cultural and scientific center in Russia and in Eurasia. Moscow is the northernmost megacity on Earth, the most populous city in Europe and the 5th largest city proper in the world. It is the largest city in Russia, with a population, according to the 2014 Census, of 12 111 194.

Moscow is situated on the Moskva River in the Central Federal District of European Russia. In the course of its history the city has served as the capital of a progression of states, from the medieval Grand Duchy of Moscow and the subsequent Tsardom of Russia to the Soviet Union. Moscow is the site of the Moscow Kremlin, a medieval city-fortress that is today the residence of the Russian president. The Moscow Kremlin is also one of several World Heritage Sites in the city. Both chambers of the Russian parliament (the State Duma and the Federation Council) also sit in Moscow.

Moscow weather

Classified as having a humid continental climate, Moscow, capital of Russia, is the most northerly “megacity” on the globe. The city is known for its climatic extremes, experiencing long, cold winters, usually blanketed with snow, and relatively short, hot summers, when heat waves are possible in the warmest months. By October summer is over, and temperatures plummet, with frosts at night.

Average temperature in Moscow in October: 5°C, 40°F
Relative humidity in Moscow in October: 82%
Average precipitation in Moscow in October: 51mm, 2in

Temperatures fall off sharply in Moscow during October, and by the end of the month the weather is wintry and frosty, with rain turning to snow. Freezing conditions set in, particularly at night.

Tourists attractions

While in Moscow you might wish to visit some of our tourist attractions and experience our unique food and regional wines. Moscow has something to offer to all of our international visitors and guests.

Moscow has an excellent variety of sights to visit. Moscow’s most famous museums are listed below: