Russian Tax Week
1-6 April 2019, Moscow – Saint Petersburg

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Saint Petersburg State University of Economics

Payment with credit card

To proceed with the payment you will need to enter the card number, its expiration date, the name of the cardholder (in Latin letters, as on the card), the code CVC2 / CVV2 and press to pay.

Payment is made through the authorization server of the Processing Center of JSCB "RosEvroBank" (JSC) using bank credit cards of the following payment systems:

To pay for your purchase, you will be redirected to the payment gateway of JSCB "RosEvroBank" (JSC) to enter your card details. This site supports 256-bit encryption. Confidentiality of the reported personal information is provided by JSCB "RosEvroBank" (JSC). The information entered will not be provided to third parties, except for cases foreseen by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Payments on bank cards is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the payment systems Visa Int and MasterCard Europe Sprl. Please prepare your plastic card in advance.

If your bank supports the technology of secure Internet payments Verified By Visa or MasterCard Secure Code, you may also need to enter a special password for payment. Methods and the possibility of obtaining passwords for making Internet payments you can check with the Bank that issued the card.

Failure of payment

In case of problems with payment, contact the bank operating your card.

Cancellation / Refund

In order to return 100% of the amount paid upon refusal of participation, the participant should send a request to the e-mail address not later than 18:00 (Moscow time) on January 31, 2018.

For the return of 50% of the amount paid upon refusal of participation, the participant should send a request to the e-mail address not later than 18:00 (Moscow time) on March 26, 2018.

If you refuse to participate, the refund is made on the card with which payment was made.

The period of refund after cancellation of participation is from 1 to 30 calendar days, depending on the bank that issued your card.

Information on security measures when conducting on-line operations on a bank card in the Internet

Do not use the PIN when ordering goods and services over the Internet, or by phone / fax.

Do not provide personal information or information about the bank card (account) via the Internet, for example, PINs, access passwords to the bank's resources, the validity period of the bank card, credit limits, transaction history, personal data.

You should use the Internet sites of only known and trusted organizations of trade and services.

Make sure the addresses of the Internet sites to which you are connecting and on which you are going to make purchases, are correct because similar addresses can be used to carry out illegal actions.

Pay on the card only on the protected pages of the site, in the address bar of the browser will appear "https: //" and the icon in the form of a closed lock. The icon means that your data will be transmitted in encrypted form.

Install antivirus software on your computer and regularly update it and update other software products (operating system and application programs) that you use, it can protect you from the penetration of malicious software.

It is recommended to make purchases only from your computer in order to preserve the confidentiality of personal data and / or information about the bank (account) card.

In case the purchase is made using someone else's computer, it is not recommended to store personal data and other information on it, and after completing all the operations, you need to make sure that personal data and other information are not preserved (again by downloading the web page of the seller on the browser purchases) .

Confirmation of payment of registration fee

Documents confirming participation in the event will be uploaded to the member's personal cabinet and sent to the e-mail address given during online registration, no later than 3 working days from the moment of receipt of payment to the settlement account of the organizer.